AWS Windows Instance Set Up Step 4: Installing Open Source Software for Data Science

This video is part 4 in a series of 5 videos that show how to set up a Windows virtual machine (instance) using Amazon Web Services and then provision it with Python and R (and some additional software) so that it can serve as a platform for doing some data science. In this video I show how to get an obtain open source software and install it on the Windows instance. The primary software I am installing is Python 2.7 and the statistics software R with the intention of using this platform to do some data science.

The software installed in this video is Firefox, ClamWin anti virus software, Clam Sentinel real-time virus scanning software based on ClamWin, Anaconda Python, the R statistics package, and the cygwin unix-like tools for Windows.

NOTE: It is very important to turn off the virus scanning software Clam Sentinel while installing the rest of the software (especially Anaconda and cygwin).

A web page with the links for provisioning the Windows instance can be found at:

The video is about 30 minutes long.



  • The web page at has been updated since the video was originally made. The links to the software are not exactly the same as in the video since they have all been updated to point to the latest versions. Also, a few additional warnings have been added. None of this really affects the usefulness of the video.
  • At time 27:14 in the video, I begin to discuss how to test if the “chere” feature of the cygwin software has been successfully installed. Things have changed slightly. Open the File Explorer as indicated in the video. Next double click on the Documents folder to change into that folder. Then, right-click in the blank space (under the “This folder is empty.” message) and you should then see “Bash Prompt Here” in the context menu. “Bash Prompt Here” no longer shows up at the top level (the “This PC” level) in the File Explorer.

Video Index

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Time Topic
00:00Title Slide
00:49Log into the Windows Instance at AWS
02:53The Windows Instance Desktop
03:00Using the Windows button to switch to the Start Screen
03:06Launch Internet Explorer
03:13The Internet Explorer Warning about Browsing on Servers
03:39Internet Explorer is set to a very high level of security
04:11The links page at for provisioning the instance
05:05Installing the Firefox browser
05:19Add the Firefox web site to the list of trusted sites for IE
07:04Close Internet Explorer
07:30Navigate again to the provisioning links page at
08:24The Windows Server 2012 Instance Lacks Antivirus Software
08:43It is hard to find free or open course antivirus software for Windows Server
09:15Free Open-Source Anitvirus Software: ClamWin and ClamSentinel
09:40Install ClamWin
10:04Show the Recent Downloads list for the Firefox browser using the arrow icon
11:34Install ClamSentinel
13:42ClamSentinal is in the System Tray
13:48The ClamSentinel Menu — Stopping and Starting the ClamSentinel virus scanning
14:29Discussion of Python and Ananconda Python
15:30Discussion of Python 2.7 and 3.4
16:42Must turn off the Antivirus software to install Anaconda Python
17:06Turning off the ClamSentinel antivirus software
17:29Installing Anaconda Python
17:45The Firefox download progress icon and recent downloads
19:15Installing R
20:52Installing Rstudio
21:58Disucssion of CYGWIN
22:26Installing CYGWIN
24:25Installing the chere package (or feaqure) of CYGWIN
26:16Compllete the installation of chere
27:14Check that chere is installed
28:20Restart the antivirus software ClamSentinel

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