Python With Spyder 7: The Idea of Objects

This video is the 7th in a series of videos providing a tutorial on Python 2.7 using Anaconda Python and the Spyder IDE. Click here to go to a “home page” for the video series.

This video introduces the idea of objects. No actual Python code is discussed in this video. The objective is only to frame the idea of an object as background for the subsequent videos which present the basics of objects in Python.

The video is about 16 minutes long.


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Video Index: The Idea of Objects

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Time Topic
00:14Example: Products in a Grocery Store
00:24Common Characteristics of All Products
01:56Columns: One View of the Data
03:00Rows as Objects: A Second View of the Data
04:08The Variables for Different Items are Different
06:04Using a Huge Table
07:15Summary of the Most Basic Idea of Objects
07:34More Characteristics of the Concept of Objects: Inheritance, Methods, and Encapsulation
14:34Summary of Key Object Ideas

Next Video: Python Objects Part 1

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