Python with Spyder 1: First Steps

This video is the first in my series of videos providing an introduction to Python 2.7 using Anaconda Python and the Spyder IDE. Click here to go to a “home page” for the video series.

The video begins by showing how to make sure that Anaconda Python is up to date (turn off your antivirus software during this step). Next, the video shows how to launch the Spyder IDE, set the workspace and project for the first time, and the main windows of the Spyder IDE. The traditional “Hello, World!” program is created and run.

Note: Turn off your antivirus software when running the “conda” command to update the software as described in the video. If your antivirus software quarantines some of the files being installed, it may mess up your Anaconda installation and be very difficult to undo without reinstalling Anaconda Python from scratch!<.p>

The video is about 16 minutes long.


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Video Index: First Steps

Click on the topics below to jump to that location in the video.

Time Topic
00:00 Title
00:05 Introduction
01:18 Using the Windows Button
01:53 The Windows 8 Start Screen
02:21 List of Apps in Windows 8 and the Anaconda Python Programs
03:08 Using the Windows Button (and search) to launch a program
03:25 Launching the Anaconda Command Prompt
04:05 The “conda” program and updating Anaconda Python
05:27 What to do if the update fails (use the -f option)
05:54 What to do if the “conda” program fails – reinstall with virus software off
07:16 Launching the Spyder IDE
08:08 Setting up the Spyder Workspace
08:45 Python’s default folders (Python Scripts and IPython Notebooks)
09:33 Creating a project in Spyder
10:22 The Ipython Console window
10:52 The “Hello, World!” program
11:30 The Editor window
12:26 Executing a line or lines of python code from the editor window
13:48 The Information window
14:13 The Project Explorer Window (revisited)
14:45 Summary

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