AWS Windows Instance Set Up: Wrapping Up

This video is the last part in a series of videos that show how to set up a Windows virtual machine (instance) using Amazon Web Services and then provision it with Python and R (and some additional software) so that it can serve as a platform for doing some data science. In this video I do some checking to see whether or not the software we installed in the last video works and I also show how to create an AWS AMI (Amazon Machine Image) which will allow new instances to be launched that are already fully provisioned (and also serves as a back-up of the work done provisioning the instance).

See the previous video in this series for instructions on installing the software.

The video is about 15 minutes long.



At time 1:28, the video discusses moving from the Start Screen to the All Apps screen. As discussed in the Step 3 video, the method shown in this video is obsolete and replaced by a small white arrow in a circle at the bottom left of the Start Screen.

Video Index

Time Topic
00:00Title Slide
00:43Toggle between the Start Screen and Desktop using the Windows Key
01:09Tiles on the Start Screen for the New Software
01:28Show the “All Apps” Screen
02:00Check that the ClamWin programs are installed
02:18Check that the ClamSentinel programs are installed
02:29Check that the Anaconda Python programs are installed
03:00Check that the R programs are installed
03:29Check that the Rstudio program is installed
03:36Check that the CYGWIN program is installed
04:20Return to the Start Screen
04:27Launch the Anaconda Python Command Prompt
05:05Launch the Spyder IDE
05:45Launch Rstudio
06:24Launch CYGWIN
07:31What to do if there is a problem
07:50Uninstall programs — Open the Control Panel
08:04Open Uninstall Programs
08:26After uninstall, may need to remove program folder
08:50Launch file explorer and navigate to the C: drive
08:56The location of the Anaconda Python and CYGWIN program folders
09:05Should remove Anaconda Python and CYGWIN folders when uninstalling and then reinstalling these programs
09:18Location of the R and Rstudio program folders
09:25May need to remove the R and Rstudio folders when reinstalling these programs
09:36Turn off virus software when installing or reinstalling the software
09:43Turning off ClamSentinel
09:59Logging out of the Windows Instance
10:25EC2 Dashboard and Instances Dashboard
11:01Identifying your instance
11:27Good idea to create an AMI (Amazon Machine Image)
11:52Select the instance
12:20Create the AMI (Amazon Machine Image)
12:30Name and describe the image
13:16Navigate to the AMI (under Images)
13:44Image serves as a backup

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